Increase revenue

Win more B2B customers through AI outreach

See for yourself with fast results.

The most cost-effective and efficient way to acquire new B2B customers.
With fast results.
How do i achieve this?

3 simple steps to more new B2B customers

Let your business grow and focus on more satisfied new customers.

  • Step 1

    Define target audience & offer

    You describe your target audience and klickkunde prepares many potential new customers.

  • Step 2

    Appointments fill the calendar

    Contact potential new customers afterwards through klickkunde via email, LinkedIn, letters, and calls to schedule appointments. The appointments land directly in your calendar.

  • Step 3

    You win more new customers

    Your sales processes are optimized and klickkunde handles follow-ups, thus increasing your closing rate.


How does klickkunde win B2B new customers for you?

Utilize the necessary synergy effects from the most effective channels.

  • Phase 1

    Win customers through personalized email-outreach

    Contact suitable contacts convincingly via email and schedule appointments. You'll acquire new customers, and Klickkunde improves the results.

  • Phase 2

    Acquire new customers through profitable advertising campaigns

    Unlock synergy effects with profitable advertising campaigns. Your acquisition will be scaled with advertising campaigns. The results from Phase 1 finance the advertising costs and ensure that your advertising generates profit from the beginning.

  • Phase 3

    Acquire new customers through a long-term SEO strategy

    To further scale your acquisition, an unbeatable SEO strategy for your company will be created and implemented using the insights gained from Phases 1 & 2.

What our customers are saying
Daniel von inga

€57,000 revenue from new customers after 2 months with Klickkunde. This is now our most effective new customer channel.

Daniel Hofinger

Co-Founder of inga GmbH

After just 2 weeks, we gained 47 leads and so far converted 3 customers. Faster than our regular sales cycle.

Jan Gehrmann

Founder of Magni & Tude GmbH

After 4 weeks, we were able to schedule 38 appointments and already gained 6 new customers. Time investment is minimal.

Karen Espino

Head of Sales bei Ultivate GmbH

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Every business needs new customers. Klickkunde delivers them to you cheaper, more effectively, and faster than any other solution. On average, the cost per new customer can be reduced by 60%.

At the outset, you explain your offering and your target audience. Klickkunde creates content, campaigns, and strategies for you and effectively implements them.

We fetch the latest data live to find companies and individuals and reach out through multi-channel approaches.

Do you have any questions?

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Increase revenue

Win more B2B customers through AI outreach